Is a tongue piercing dangerous because of bacteria in food?



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    Tongue piercings are considered one of the more problematic piercings due to the  millions of bacteria living in that area. The American Dental Association is against tongue piercing due to all the risks and dental damage that can occur such as infection of the tongue or chipped and broken teeth.

    If the tongue piercing is diligently maintained, the dangers of becoming infected are reduced though. The website posted below recommends a tongue piercing and tongue is rinsed after every meal and snack with an antibacterial mouthwash or warm salt water rinse to reduce infection from bacteria in food.

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    Tongue piercings are dangerous for a number of reasons, including a bacterial infection. There is a risk of infection with any piercing, but experts are wary of tongue piercings because of how close it is to your source of breathing. If your tongue swells because of an infection, it can block and restrict your airway. Accidentally biting the stud can cause your teeth to crack, a ring that becomes dislodged can be choked on, the piercing can cause a speech impediment, and there is the risk of an allergic reaction to the material used. In addition, there could be irreversible damage to the tongue and nerves, and used equipment that has not been properly clean carries the risk of some infectious diseases, like HIV and Hepatitis, being passed on to new clients.

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