Tom, I’m trying to get rid of a 40′ mimosa. I’ve cut it down while the seed pods are still green and hard will the seeds still germinate if the tree is dead?



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    “Control is best achieved at flowering before seed production. Cutting is an initial control measure and will require either an herbicidal control or repeated cutting for resprouts. Cutting is most effective when trees have begun to flower to prevent seed production, but may require repeated cuts or an herbicide application to control sprouting. In the case where herbicide use is impractical, girdling can be effective on larger trees. Make a cut through the bark encircling the base of the tree, approximately six inches above the ground, ensuring the cut goes well below the bark. This will kill the top of the tree but the tree may resprout and require a follow-up treatment with an herbicide. Hand pulling will effectively control young seedlings. Plants should be pulled as soon as possible to prevent maturation. The entire root must be removed since broken fragments may re-sprout” (

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