Is the Tokyo automated bike parking system a green idea?



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    I don’t know how much energy the system will use, but it will encourage people to ride their bikes if they have an easy, safe way to park them.

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    Yes, and also it will cut down on the time it takes to commute via bike, because all you will have to do is drive up to a parking area and get off your bike, then someone else (with the help of a machine) takes care of the rest. It’s like valet parking, only for bikes! I honestly think that in the future something like this might be employed with cars so we can cut down on the time that the engine needs to be on (driving around in circles in the busy parking lot looking for a spot — why not let this be computer automated to ensure maximum efficiency!? plus at low speeds it’s not that difficult to push a car — so human / animal energy could be used instead of allowing the engine to run for no good reason…)

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