Today we can change for the environment what is keeping us from doing it?



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    Making green changes requires an investment in change now. It requires putting money down to research, develop, and install alternative energies, as well as perhaps getting in better shape so that walking or biking to work wouldn’t be such a chore, etc. Unfortunately, we as Americans aren’t great at making sacrifices today for a better tomorrow. Our inaction is also probably due to an inertic resistance to change (actual change, not change as a floofy ideal).

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    I can’t possibly list all of the reasons, so I’ll just provide one: it’s often inconvenient. It requires an adjustment of our cultural priorities — in America anyway. It often requires us to sacrifice a bit of our short-term comfort and convenience in favor of long-term goals. This has NEVER been a strong suit of human nature. Furthermore, you’re talking about implementing society-wide changes, and while the environmental (“green”) movement is stronger now than ever, it’s going to take a long time to successfully overturn hundreds of years of a culture of consumption.

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    There are many reasons why people do not want to make a change for the environment. Some people believe that there is no reason to change; they do not believe that anything is wrong with the current condition of the environment. For some people they see the higher initial cost of going green as a deterrent, when in actuality they will actually be saving money by going green. Money, unfortunately always seems to be an issue, who is going to pay for renewable energy facilities, clean vehicles, sustainable cities, and other green changes, which includes convincing people that these changes are for the better.

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