By the time a radiation meter tells you that there is too much radiation is it too late?



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    No; the purpose of a thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) is to measure radiation exposure and provide a system of alert in order to avoid harmful levels of radiation. This is probably what you are thinking of when you envision a radiation meter. Employees at nuclear power plants are issued TLDs and must wear them at all times, even in office areas that are far away from the reactor location. Lithium fluoride crystals allow the TLD to keep a running count of gamma ray and neutron dose. TLDs are monitored continuously to ensure that no employee encroaches on the radiation limits established by the power utility. Nuclear power sites generally impose more strict limits on their employees than the government mandates.

    In any application with a radiation alarm system, the alarm setpoint is far below the level of imminent danger. The point of the alarm is to alert people in the affected area and to allow them time to get to safety.

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