time magazine stated in 1986 25% of the globe’s population is hungery or undernourished what is it today 2010



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    According to Bread.org 1.02 million people are hungry right now.  This estimate was taken in 2009.  One child dies every five seconds from hunger/malnourishment. 

    We are unable to pinpoint the number of people who are hungry and undernourished right now.  These are just estimates made the best they could.  As of 2006 the number of hungry people was 854 million, a noticeable increase has taken place in the three following years. 

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    And a U.N. Report released in 2012 estimates that by 2030 at least half the world’s population will need more food, along with other problems putting 3 billion people into poverty. In 2030 the population may be about 8.2 billion, so the number of people who are malnourished in just 28 years — with those estimates — would be over 4.1 billion.

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