Since Tiger Woods is quitting golf, will that mean other people will too and we can get rid of the wasteful golf courses?



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    No, Tiger Woods reitrment (which probably will not be permanent) will not reduce the global popularity of golf. Golf has been around for hundreds of years before Tiger, and will continue to be hundreds of years after he’s dead.


    Having said that, golf courses aren’t that wastefull. They are basically nature preserves, and golding itself, minus the use of a golf cart, is a very environmentally friendly hobby (as opposed to say, racing cars).

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    To be honest I wish that were the case.  However, THIS ARTICLE says we can expect more people then ever to tune in for the very reason you’re asking this question.  Everyone wants to see how the networks will handle the situation.  Then again, THIS ONE says the networks are already in a tail spin.

    The next few years should give us a clue as to the real trend.

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