Is tidal power cheaper than fossil fuel power?



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    So little electricity is generated by tidal systems there are few good data to make the comparison. But, the linked page has a table for UK values, in which tidal power generation costs 3 to 8 times as much as other sources including coal and natural gas. I’m not sure if those costs include the initial construction, which is probably the single greatest cost factor in tidal power systems.

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    In the short run, it is likely that tidal power costs more than fossil fuel power, given the very high construction costs. The parts used in construction are not new technology and, once completed, the plant can generate electricity at virtually no additional cost. If placed at an appropriate site, it is entirely possible for a tidal plant to cost less than a traditional fossil fuel power plant in the long-run. However, tidal plants have not been in use long enough to provide reliable data on long-run costs.

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