three strategies to save the forest or vegetation



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    According to, there are 3 ways of getting forests back on track, but keeping in mind that they require effort and resources to put into motion. The first is simply known as REDD+, a project that will provide people and companies with incentive to not cut down existing forested areas, but instead working to maintain, and even expand, forested areas in conjunction with human needs. Another method is simply replanting trees and vegetation where they once were, and were cut down long ago to accommodate growing needs for farmland and ranches. This method is known as reforestation, in that a mix of previous native species are reintroduced back to an area. The last method is known as afforestation, in which plant species are introduced to a previously non-forest area in order to create a new forest. This method should be used with caution, however, as to not put forest plants in an area that would be either unsustainable in the climate or encroach on an existing ecosystem.

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