three major types of vegetation in the pacific



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    Are you refering to the Pacific Ocean?

    As far as vegetation goes, the Pacific has a good variety of plant life.  The most famous type of pacific vegetation would probably be the Pacific kelp forests, which provide shelter and food for several species of fish and sea mammals.  Kelp is a type of marine algae that anchors itself to the sea floor and uses gas-filled air sacs to float to the surface of the ocean in order to get access to sunlight.  

    There are also other types of marine algae that thrive in the Pacific.  Like kelp, most marine algaes attach themselves to the ocean floor or to underwater rock formations.  However, not all marine algaes use air sacs to float to the surface.

    The Pacific is also home to seagrass meadows, which are large fields of seagrass along the ocean floor.  Many species of fish use seagrass meadows as nursuries for their young.  


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