For those of you in Northern California– did you feel the earthquake?



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    I am in Davis, which is about an hour and 15 minutes north east of San Francisco, and I did not feel the earthquake. Humboldt is around 350 miles away from San Francisco, and I guess the 5.9 quake was not even that strong for the region.

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    I’m a Sacramento resident but I’m originally from the Bay Area. I remember when the Quake of ’89 shook me and my home up, and I can’t say that I’m all too sad that we don’t get earthquakes where I live now. There are two major fault lines that run through California, and one of them runs along the Pacific Coast. Today’s 6.0 earthquake was centered off the coast near Humboldt County in the far northern part of the state, which is far less populated than the Sacramento, Bay Area, and Los Angeles regions.

    Humboldt residents did, however, feel the shake, which they report lasted about 20-30 seconds. Check out the links below for a map and an article from Fox News for more information.

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