Is thick crust pizza better than thin crust pizza for the environment?



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    If i had to choose one crust thickness over the other in terms of which is less harmful for the environment, I’d have to go for thin crust.  Thick crust automatically requires more resources to make and more energy to bake.  Because thin crust pizza cooks faster and uses less ingredients, it must be “better” for the environment… although it would be hard to make a convincing case that someone can’t be an environmentalist and a thick crust lover at the same time.

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    It depends on how it was made.  It takes more energy to cook more food; however, that doesn’t take into account the size of the pie (large, small, ect).  Also, the ingredients are very important to keep in mind in considering how good something is for the ingredient.  The fresher and more environmentally responsibly grown the food is, the better it is for the environment.

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