Is there a web–based Eco-friendly accommodation-provider/advertiser that we can work with to promote our Irish B&B without it costing the earth.

We run a small B&B and self catering in rural West Waterford, Ireland. We work as much as possible to reduce waste and conserve power but there just isn’t the cash over to spend on advertising as most sites seem to aim at larger operations. Our take is less than $15k per so ANY money spent on operations is food out of our mouths and less money to spend on more efficient items like PV-outdoor lighting or LED lights for the hallway. Any and all suggestions welcome.



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    I don’t know whether any of these charge, but here are a couple places that list green accomodations, they might be able to route you some business.

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    The New York times website has a guide on eco-tourism at Perhaps you could contact them and see if they could write an article about your B&B.

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