Is there a way we can use less water in our kitchen sink?



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    Yes, not using a running tap while washing dishes will help a lot. Fill up both sides half-full with warm water, with one for soaping and the other for rinsing. If washing individual items, just make sure to turn off the water when you’re scrubbing it. There are also things you can do such as make sure there are no leaks or installing low flow faucets. For a complete list, visit:

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    A great way to use less water in the kitchen sink is to never put waste down the drain.  Garbage disposals require quite a bit of water to operate.  Waste should either be thrown away, or put into a compost pile.  There are hundreds of simple ways to conserve water such as using a bowl instead of running the water to clean vegetables, sponging down dishes before they are put into the dishwasher as opposed to rinsing them off, and turning the water off while you wash your hands.

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