Is there a way we can turn nuclear waste into fuel?



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    Yes, GE and Hitachi have a plan to turn nuclear waste into fuel.  While it hasn’t really been done yet, they believe that it can be by seperating the waste into three streams.  One would go directly underground for storage, uranium that can be used in uranium reactors, and waste that can be used as fuel in nuclear reactors.  This would be a great use compared to the normal storing of pretty much all nuclear waste.

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    France has been doing this for a very long time. From the beginning of their nuclear energy program, the French had been recycling their nuclear waste, reclaiming the plutonium and unused uranium and fabricating new fuel elements. This not only gave energy, it reduced the volume and longevity of French radioactive waste. It is a great way to do it and America should look towards them for a great model. 

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