Is there a way we can lower sea levels if it rises too much?



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    Not with present technology. The best we can do, aside from reversing the trends that are causing sea level rise in the first place, is to compensate for the sea level increases–in local areas, for example, building seawalls (if that is economically feasible), or relocating vulnerable populations to areas of higher elevation. To actually get rid of water that’s already there, we would need to freeze huge amounts of the ocean at the polar ice caps, which can’t be done with any conceivable technology that mankind now possesses. It’s possible to have safe habitation in areas below sea level, using levees and similar systems; New Orleans, for example, as well as much of the country of the Netherlands, have been below sea level for centuries. However, beyond ad hoc mitigation strategies, there’s not much more we can do except prevent the problem from getting worse, or at least slow the pace of the sea level rise, by addressing the root causes of global warming.

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