Is there a way that we can filter the rivers before they go into the Gulf of Mexico to help with the dead zone?



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    Water treatment at the scale necessary to treat the many tributary rivers leading into the Gulf of Mexico would require an obstruction of the rivers, one way or another, to properly treat them. Effective filtration systems require either a slower passage of water, obtainable via damming, or by creating a large enough system to handle amount of water flowing to the Gulf of Mexico. It would require either a very large system in one place or many large systems, but construction and maintenance of the filtration systems would be a very large undertaking.

    Measures that prevent contaminants from ending up in the tributaries or Gulf of Mexico directly would likely be a more viable alternative, though they suffer from their own problems of enforcement and regulation.

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      I agree that water treatment at this scale is a little out of the question. I think that we need to focus more on the individual farms and smaller creeks and rivers before we focus on anything this large.

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