Is there a way to use physics to help the environment?



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    Physics plays an integral role in many environmental issues.  Physics is used in the development and products of sensors, understanding the interaction of sunlight with airborne particulates, and development of green technologies.  Just as biology and chemistry are applied to the environment, laws of physics must be applied to occurrences and descriptions of the natural environment to help create a better understanding of its functions. 

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    Absolutely!  Physics is key to confronting the challenges associated with meeting our world’s energy needs in environmentally sensible ways.  To begin with, physics is integral to the understanding of electricity, and the conversion of various forms of energy (such as mechanical or solar energy) into electricity for use in homes, vehicles, and manufacturing.  Physics has been used in the development of many alternative energy systems, including windmills, solar panels, and water turbines; and it will almost certainly continue to contribute to developments in the field of renewable energy well into the future.  Moreover, green building design also relies heavily on the implementation of physical concepts in determining the shape and size of the building and the best means of creating and retaining heat.

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