Is there a way to use less plastic or paper cups at fast food restaurants?



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    You could try bringing your own cup and asking to use it while still paying the cost otherwise. You could also avoid using a lid.

    The best solution really, from an environmental and health perspective, is just not to eat fast food though. At the risk of sounding preachy- after all, you probably realize that already- fast food corporations do cause massive amounts of environmental damage in other areas- the cups are really the least of the issues that one can be taking up with them.

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    The fast food restaurants could refrain from wrapping sandwiches and burgers for the people who order to stay in. They could also stop putting those paper placemats on the trays. Things like fries, baked potatoes, and other sides could come in biodegradable or if they are ambitious reusable and biodegradable containers.

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