Is there a way for us to understand food ingredients and what they are?



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    This is a problem with many processed foods.  In general, if you can’t understand the ingredients, it probably means the product is not particularly good for you.  I will attach a link to a guide to understanding nutrition labels that has some cues to show you what really means “sugar” (eg. fructose, glucose, dextrose, etc.) and what means “fat” (partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils etc.)  If you are curious about a particular ingredient I would recommend googling it, you will likley hit on a page that can show you the structure and explain the characteristics of the food additive and tell you why they use it in food (color, taste, or preservative).

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    Very true.  If you can’t understand the ingredients list don’t even buy the product.  Another thing i would throw in here is that you probably shouldn’t buy things that have tons of ingredients. If you turn over a box and you feel like you are reading a dictionary i would suggest stopping right there. 

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