Is there a way for the United States to help with the illegal ivory trade?



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    Unfortunately, there is still a demand in the United States for illegal ivory. As long as people are buying ivory, there will be unscrupulous people poaching elephants to sell it. A report in the United States found that ivory items were selling in New York, California, and online. What we could do would be to strengthen punishments against those selling ivory pieces…but this invokes something of an ethical quandary. Many people selling ivory trinkets do so because there is the demand for them, and they have to do what they canto feed their families; not because they think that it’s the right thing to do. What we can do is discourage our friends and families strongly from buying trinkets and pieces that are made from ivory, or look like ivory but made from an undeterminable material. The governing agencies need to crack down on the actual trade itself.

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