Is there a way to turn gangs into gangs of eco-warriors?



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    I say yes, by getting them jobs. The new green economy is opening a whole new field of career track job opportunities which is exactly what a lot of these kids need. Crime is often a response to a lack of perceived opportunity, if we getting these young people real opportunities as solar panel installers, turbine manufacturers, energy auditors, home weatherizers, etc we can get a lot of the restless energy working of production rather the destructive tracks.

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    Yeah, get them jobs… or improve the conditions and the availability of positions and opportunities where one can make a difference. Change people’s thinking from violence and hate to peace and love — start by reaching out to them and showing them how the issues we are all facing are shared and we are in this together. Hearts and minds must be swayed to get people on the side of justice, equality, and balance (rather than extremism of any form).

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