Is there a way to test water from a stream to see if its good to drink?



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    Many types of water testing kits are available to test for:
    • Coliform Bacteria • Nitrates • Nitrite • Fluoride
    • Chloride • Sulfate • Lead (Standing) • Lead (Flushed)
    • 21 Regulated VOC’s • 4 Trihalomethanes
    • 38 Unregulated VOC’s • pH • Hardness • Iron
    • Manganese • Copper (Standing) • Copper (Flushed)
    Suburban Water Testing Labs, Inc. is a full service environmental laboratory specializing in Drinking Water, Wastewater and Solids Analysis and Pool and Spa Testing.

    SimpleTek has a less complicated water tester that is easy to use and has easy to read results.

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