Is there a way to test the mercury levels in your fish before you eat it?



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    There are no ‘at-home’ mercury testing kits that I had been able to track down.  Also mercury that exists in fish exists on a microscopic level, requiring a laboratory to test and detect mercury in the cells of fish.  Your safest bet is to be a conscious consumer and to be proactive in your research on different companies that supply fish.  I have included a link below to help you get a start with what you may want to look for in a fish retailer.

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    No, but a chemical testing company in California called Microanalytical Systems claims to have developed a way to test the level of mercury in a piece of fish in under a minute. The intention was for stores to be able to test their fish and promptly label it accordingly for consumers. However, the FDA believes this is unnecessary and would only serve to scare away consumers. The FDA continues to stand by its guidelines and has not made any moves to adopt the new technology.

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