Is there a way to tell if the products your buying are coming from local sources?



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    You can’t just pick up an arbitrary product and tell where it came from, no.

    Understand that “local produce”, like “organic”, is now a major marketing selling point, and companies aren’t necessarily going to be scrupulous about using the term. For example, the Farmer’s Market in my city sells “local” produce that comes from farms 1 1/2 hours’ drive away. Even if those are the nearest farms for those products, they aren’t very “near”, are they? And what’s the local market, as a wild example, for penguin? It isn’t very “local”!

    Another obvious way to manipulate the system is to collect produce to a distribution center, then re-distribute it (drive it back), so that it was “local” again. That somewhat defeats the purpose of being local.

    But quite a lot of produce in smaller stores will still carry the names of the farmers, especially if you get a glimpse of the cardboard containers they shipped in.

    Finally, many smaller market owners are happy to tell you what’s grown locally, they have a sense of pride in their community, and like to be seen helping their neighbors.

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