Is there a way to stop Shell to start drilling in the Arctic and to start cleaning in Nigeria?



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    Shell has taken responsibility for oil spills that occurred in Nigeria in 2008 and 2009, and has said that they will spend the (at least) 1 billion dollars, and 30 years required to clean it up.  However, the United Nations is pushing for Shell to overhaul their cleanup process because the damage goes back at least 50 years – not just to oil spills that happened recently.  This is not a new phenomenon: oil companies are willing to try to cleanup up enough to improve their reputations, but as far as a real, concerted effort in doing this is concerned, they do not want to take the effort or money.  Usually, they vow to clean up their messes for superficial reasons based on their own greed, not on moral reasons that impact the welfare of human beings, animals, or the environment.

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