Is there a way to stop pollution caused by fossil fuels?



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    There is no way to actually stop pollution created by burning fossil fuels. Most people can limit the amount of pollution they produce from fossil fuels by taking a number of steps. By making sure the filters on your car are regularly cleaned you can help reduce harmfull air pollution known as smog. There are also many plant based alternatives to petrol products commonly used in plastics, shampoo and waxes.    

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    Of course. Stop using them. That is not feasible now, but it will happen, for oil within the lifetime of children now alive; for coal, probably within the lifetime of the grandchildren of children now alive.

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    If you are interested in reducing the amount of pollution you personally create by burning fossil fuels, you can give yourself an ecological footprint analysis. I have included a link to a quiz through the Center for Sustainable Economy so you can determine how big your footprint is, and take the steps necessary to reduce your own personal pollution. 

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