Is there a way to specify that you want your 401K invested in green products and clean energy?



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    Yes, there are certain companies that offer their employees a SRI, or green 401(k). SRI stands for “socially responsible investing” and is a practice that has been around for decades but is just gaining popularity due to the socioeconomic climate. In fact, employees are demanding such retirement packages at an alarming rate: only 20% of businesses offer them but 67% of workers want the option.
    Some companies, like Intel, have tapped into the demand for years. They have been offering their employees SRI 401(k)’s since 2001. On the political stage, Denver, CO. is leading the way with a campaign to create a federal mandate for green 401 (k) investment options. The campaign estimates that such a bill would funnel a remarkable 100 billion dollars into the environmental sector almost immediately.

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