Is there a way to share electric vehicles?



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    I not only think that’s a great idea, I’ve seen something like this before on Discovery Channel! What they envision is a system where electric vehicle are secured to a track, and when you get to your destination and hop out of “your” vehicle, the electric car (which could like fold up) is put in a different line—one where people were loading up—and when the car got to the front of the line, someone got in and drove away in it! It was sorta like a roller coaster, only the cars could be taken off the track and used where they were needed (to cut down on line length)  And this is an idea for something that serves a much more important purpose–efficient, accessible, reliable, quick, environmentally-friendly TRANSPORTATION.

    The only problem with it is people are possessive! We like to Buy things FOR OURSELVES (well, not me, personally, in some cases—my guitars are at home in delaware right now and if you knew me and were responsible I wouldn’t care if you came over and played them, same thing goes for my drums, right Pitch!? [They’re at his house]). If people shared more, we could do more with less. The entire system needs to be rebuilt, and when we do rebuild it we should ensure that people have access to reliant public transportation—in the form of ride/vehicle sharing and entirely new high-tech infrastructure! 

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      Discdoggie is talking about new public transportation concepts that are being tested now in the U.S. and Great Britain. Visit for more information. Some examples are at Heathrow airport in Britain, Skyweb Express in Minnesota and one in Morgantown, WV at the University of West Virginia, that’s been in operation since 1975.

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    I don’t know if anybody in the U.S. has a car-sharing program with purely electric vehicles. However, car-sharing companies like ZipCar (throughout U.S. cities), eGo CarShare in Denver, PhillyCarShare and more, have fleets with Priuses and hybrid vehicles, which you can rent for as many hours as you need. I’m sure that they will offer full-electic vehicles as they are introduced to the market. Visit to find a car sharing program near you. 

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    Zipcar has introduced electric cars into its program–a Citroen c1 and a Toyota Prius.  The program started in London but most likely will spread to major US cities.

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