Is there a way to see the traffic before you leave your house to choose the most efficient route?



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    Yes, there are several ways to check current traffic conditions.  You can visit for traffic on specific routes, as well as alternate suggestions. 

    There is also an app, Google Maps Navigation, that provides current traffic information on your mobile device.

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    You can also call 511.  This is a program developed by the US Department of Transportation, and can give you route-specific information as opposed to watching the news for general traffic reports.  It is active across just about the entire US.  I think it’s very good to see the government taking proactive steps to helping its citizens travel. 

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    Usually when I wake up in the morning and have to drive somewhere, I always have the news on to tell me about the traffic. Your local television station should have a portion of the broadcast dedicated to providing traffic updates for your local area. Since I live in Southern California, I know that ktla 5 does this for me. Also, many radio stations do the same. 

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