Is there a way that scientists can find out if the current climate change is part of the earths natual cycle?



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    They already have, and it’s not. The unmistakable trend in global temperatures over the past few decades is definitely related to the increase in carbon in the atmosphere, and as the carbon levels increase, all models show that temperatures increase too. And the models, which climate change skeptics argue are speculative, in fact have already made numerous accurate predictions regarding temperature and conditions, which means you don’t need to wait 100 years to know if the prediction models will be right or wrong. The problem with the current climate change is that there simply is no natural source that has been identified as causing it. We know temperatures are rising faster and more consistently than they have in the past; we know carbon levels in the atmosphere have also risen; the science that CO2 is causing these rises is sound; in the absence of another theory that’s been proven there simply are no natural explanations for the observed phenomenon.

    These graphs from the International Panel on Climate Change report, modeling both anthropogenic (man-made) and natural possibilities of climate change, illustrate how this works.

    Imagine that a bank has been robbed and a suspect, fleeing the scene, tentatively identified. When he’s pulled over the suspect has a gun and a canvas bag full of money in his car that can be proven to have been in the bank a little while before. Even if the bank’s security cameras weren’t working and failed to record video of the suspect robbing the bank, is there any other rational explanation that the suspect is the one who did it? Unless other evidence surfaces that indicates some alternative chain of events, you’ve got your man. In the case of global warming, the “other evidence” linking temperature increases to a natural effect does not exist. Expressing doubt that CO2 rises cause the temperature increases, then, is like waiting for another suspect for the bank robbery to suddenly appear. Unless there’s evidence to believe that someone else is responsible, as a matter of logic–and science–the case is pretty much closed.

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