Is there a way that rural dwellers can be greener than city dwellers?

As long as they work close to home.



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    It’s certainly easier for those in the city to be greener. They are naturally closer to all the places they need to go, like places to shop. Rural dwellers generally have to drive further, whereas people in the city can walk or take public transportation. If we’re talking averages, however, there are certainly things rural dwellers can do to be greener than the average city inhabitant – use less energy, conserve water, etc. (see citation)

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    Rural dwellers have much greater control over how green their house is. Most of us urbanites rent our apartments, so we don’t always have control over our heat (radiator v gas), we can’t turn the water heater down, we may or may not even be able to recycle in our area without having a car to drive it to a center miles away (this is my current woe).

    Rural people can be much more self-sustaining if they choose. They can realistically grow or hunt ALL their own food. They could realistically make their house solar/wind powered. The only real thing holding rural people back is their realistic need for a car, especially during winter months.

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