Is there a way to release the green house gases into space?



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    Not a bad idea. I’m not sure how feasible it is… But I know where there is a will there is a way___ and I know that sometimes particles in the outer atmosphere do reach escape velocity and are released from earth’s gravitational pull…but the main challenge would be how do you be selective with it? How do you knock off methane and co2 and others but let oxygen and ozone stay behind? Great question! And i think there could be a way to do this using carbon nanotubes! Just filter the stuff out of our atmosphere capture it and shoot it to mars or the moon. (I was actually thinking about the possibily of using mars as a nuclear waste disposal field just a few hours ago). It’d be costly, but so is letting the stuff pile up (same goes for co2 in the atmosphere—we gotta figure out how to get rid of it — lock it up or iif it’s more efficient and cost effective (and not damaging to the environment in some other way) iii then figure out a way to send greenhouse gases into outer space! Time will tell… And science _ what the best way to go is?

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