Is there a way that recycled plastic bags or bottles can be turned into the other?



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    YES!  The main problem with the recycling of plastics is that waste plastic comes in widely divergent molecular forms.  In the past, it has been impossible to separate and sort these different forms of plastic for reuse.  Shortcomings in these areas of recycling are both environmentally and economically unsustainable.   

    Exciting innovations in the recycling of plastics have been made in the last two decades which are allowing us to recycle previously inaccessible forms of plastic.  MBA Polymers, founded in 1992 by Mike Biddle, is the leading technological innovator in this field.  In 1997, Mr. Biddle established a small-scale recycling plant on the west coast specializing in deriving homogenous forms of recycled plastic from complex waste streams.  MBA Polymers was recently highlighted in the world renowned TEDTalks, a global set of conferences held annually focusing on the spread of ideas in various fields.  A more comprehensive response to this question can be found in video form here:

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