Is there a way to recycle Styrofoam?



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    You can recycle styrofoam in a sense that you can find different ways of reusing them. But to actually break it down and tun it into a reusable substance is a different story. It may be more difficult but it is possible. Science Daily claims that microbes can convert styrofoam into biodegradable plastic. The article is available here:

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    Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS) transport packaging is an excellent material for recycling. Post-consumer and post-commercial EPS is currently being recycled at an average annual rate of 10-12%.

    Here is a list of places where you can recycle styrofoam:

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    No. Styrofoam is the great evil of all the materials we use. It will not break down for generations to come. Styrofoam is manufactured using benzene, from coal; styrene, from petroleum; and ethylene. According to an article on the Huffington Post: ” Extracting these raw materials generates air and water pollution, and the process of whipping them together can lead to lung cancer and neurological problems in factory workers.” (Read more below.)

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