Is there a way to recycle clothes?



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    Recycling clothes is something we all should be doing.  Thrown away fabric (clothing, other textiles) accounts for about 4% of the weight and 8% of the volume of landfills.  One interesting thing is that clothing that is made out of 100% cotton, wool, or leather can be composted.  Also, the Salvation Army and the Good Will will accept even your most raggedy fabric pieses… they are able to send them to rag manufacturers. 

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    Check out some more ways at Alt Use, a website that takes everyday house hold items and lists alternative uses in order to save resources and money. Clothes have a variety of other uses, so take a look.

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         If your clothes are still in good shape, you can try to consign them. A consignment store is like a thrift store except that if your garment sells, they pay you a percentage of the selling price. Unless you are consigning vintage Dior, you probably won’t get much money but it’s a nice bonus if you’re getting rid of the clothes anyway. Consignment shops are much stricter about what they accept so make sure the clothes are clean, ironed, etc. 

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