Is there a way to protect your tomatoes against frost?



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    There are a couple different ways to protect tomatoes and other plants from frost.  The easiest and most common method is to cover then plant with a blanket or towel which will shield the plant from frost.  There is another method which has been perfected in Zimbabwe by a farmer named Francis Handwa.  His method is to fill bottles with water to 3/4 full and place them beside every third plant making sure that the neck of the bottle is above the top of the plant.  When the frost sets in, the water in the bottle freezes, but the plant is unaffected by the freezing.  The reason this works is that the water will freeze before the water that exists in the plant.  When water freezes it actually gives off heat, therefore keeps the plants around the freezing water above frost temperatures.

    Click the link to read further into why this method actually works.

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