Is there a way to outlaw diamonds and make people use more sustainable products for wedding rings?



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    In theory, it is possible to outlaw diamonds. However, would it ever happen? I’ll assume that we’re referring to the United States from here on out. So, federally, we’d have to get a bill including the outlawing of diamonds through both the Senate and House, and then the president would have to approve it. And people would probably challenge it, so it would have to be upheld by the courts. This is all highly unlikely.

    Why is it unlikely? Well, firstly, people like diamonds. That’s pretty simple. But, more importantly, outlawing diamonds would destroy certain industries. First, it would destroy the obvious ones: those who sell diamonds to jewelers, and those jewelers themselves. However, we must also remember that many industries use diamond-tipped drills and other tools. Diamond, being the hardest solid, is extremely essential for various industries that employ huge numbers of Americans. Manufacturing and construction rely heavily on diamond-tipped tools.

    So, outlawing diamonds isn’t really an option at this point. Technologies would have to be developed that are superior to diamond-tipped tools before a law could even be thought about, and the popularity of the diamond would have to be tempered to keep jewelers in business.

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    The only way to outlaw diamonds is to diminish the demand for diamonds.  As we all know, you ultimately vote with your dollar.  Encourage your friends and family to shy away from diamonds, and give them some facts on what actually goes on in the diamond trade.  The link below has tons of information that you can share with those around you.  Also, we would need ban diamond advertising.  The little ads you see in magazines that make diamonds look so glamorous truly blind people to the blood that is often found behind the sparkling gems.

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