Is there a way to make a water bottle decompose faster?



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    Making water bottles out of biodegradable plant-based plastics would help, along with disposing of these biodegradable water bottles at an industrial composting center. Biodegradable plastics degrade best when in composting facilities, and will take anywhere from a few weeks to 18 months to decompose into usable compost. This is nothing compared to the 50 to 80 years that it takes many regular plastic containers to degrade.

    Regular plastic can, however, decompose faster under special conditions. A 16-year-old managed to use bacteria to decompose a plastic bag in 3 months. Check out the second link below to learn how.

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    Plastic water bottles are estimated to take nearly 1000 years to decompose, if at all.  If there aren’t any changes made to the chemical make-up of plastic drinking bottles, there is nothing that we have discovered that can be done to increase the rate of decomposition.  Therefore the first step is to stop buying bottles of water, the second step is to ALWAYS recycle plastic goods whenever possible.

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    Please understand there is a difference between decompose and compostable.  Decompose just means that a material will eventually break down.  Compostable means that a material can break down under natural processes in about six months or less.  Plastic undergoes photo degradation, it breaks down into tiny pieces when in the sun.  However, these tiny pieces will not turn into soil or compost, ever.  These tiny pieces of plastic are very dangerous to wildlife who often mistake them for food in some places plastic particles outnumber zoo plankton 40:1.

    Why not purchase a reusable stainless steel water bottle that you can use for years instead of minutes?

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