Is there a way to make washing our clothes better for the environment?



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    There are many ways.  One is to make sure that eco-friendly washing detergent is purchased.  Also, make sure that all loads are full to maximize the water efficiency so you do not use excess water in excess loads.  Also, try to use cold water in most of your loads to use less electricity.  If a washing machine or dryer is being bought, then find the most efficient one through energy and water efficiency ratings.  When trying to lift stains, use baking soda, not store bought stain lifters that have multiple chemicals.

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    Make sure that every time you wash you use a full load of clothes. Using a full cycle on just a few articles of clothing is incredibly wasteful. For each cycle, use cold water if possible. This is fine for most clothes, and you eliminate the energy the washer uses to heat the water, which can be up to 90% of the energy the washer uses! Lastly, make sure you use an eco-friendly detergent to keep chemical toxins out of our water. If you machine dry your clothes (line dry to save energy), use an eco-friendly dryer sheet, or, better yet, throw half a cup of vinegar in your washer (not you dryer!) to achieve the same fabric softening effect, and add a couple drops of essential oil to a piece of cloth for your dryer in order to make sure your clothes exit smelling nice!   

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