Is there a way to make video conferencing mandatory for companies?



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    I don’t think so.  I assume you mean video conferencing as opposed to traveling from different parts of the world to have a conference.  If that’s the case, it is already in the company’s wallet’s best interest to set up a video conference.  Several webcams or several [first-class] plane tickets?  In the cases where traveling is done, it is probably an important part of business, such as to bring signed documents or other important items.  A mandate for video conferencing might hinder these processes.

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    A lot of forms can actually be signed electronically, including the federal I-9…so it’s definitely possible to make the switch, it’s just a matter of effort and desire.  It could become mandatory for businesses to participate in video conferencing, and we are probably closer to a mandate now than in past history.  As companies are becoming regulated on carbon emissions, it’s definitely a consideration that should be brought to the table.  Writing legislators would be a great first step to get the idea considered.

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    A company would save more money by video conferencing and would therefore be in its interest to do so. Mandatory laws are not needed. Nevertheless, I do not think that it is legal to force companies to do so. 

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