Is there a way to make tourism better for the environment?



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    some previous answers address this:

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    Sure. Environmental tourism, also known as ecotourism, is a great way to attract tourists while preserving natural habitats. This way, tourists are drawn not by monuments or by the lure of an exciting city, but by natural ecosystems which have gone relatively untouched by man. The New York Times has an online travel guide to ecotourism with advise of where to travel with minimum impact and in sustained natural habitats. 

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    As jet said, there is environmental and ecotourism which can take you to fascinating parts of the worlds in with a minimum footprint. Another cool option are going on an Earthwatch expedition. With Earthwatch, you can travel to naturally stunning and remote parts of the world along with a research team. You get to participate in projects working towards conservation, sustainability, etc., while getting to be a tourist at the same time.  

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