Is there a way to make our meat eating habits better for the environment?



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    1. Buy meat with minimal or environmentally-friendly packaging. Don’t purchase meat packaged in lots of plastic or, even worst, on a tray of styrofoam.

    2. Choose grass-fed meat. Grass-fed animals eat and graze as they naturally do, and are not fed any meat products (safeguard against mad cow disease!) or supplements with questionable chemicals.

    3. Choose locally-sourced meat. When you get your meat from a nearby farm, you are not fueling the huge amount of waste and pollution caused by the shipping industry. You also take business away from less environmentally-responsible factory farms, and thus make their practices less profitable.

    4. Choose organic meat. When the meat is organic, you know that the farm you bought it from is not dousing their animals and farmlands with chemicals.

    5. Try eat to smaller amounts of meat. The less you consume, the more eco-friendly you are.

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