Is there a way to make our agriculture better for the environment?



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    There are a number of things that can be done. One of the leading things is the reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The use of those thngs has been decreasing slowly due to the recent popularity of “organic” foods. However, pesticides are still being used, and the runoff from the fertilizers has been causing coral reef problems in the oceans.

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    Efficient water use would also make agriculture inherently less wasteful.

    But, from a more general point of view, agriculture would be better for the environment if it were integrated into it. Today, most agriculture (especially at an industrial scale) destroys the natural environments that existed before the farm. Land is flattened; trees and other plant life are killed; animal life flees, if it can; and natural resources like water and soil are poisoned and depleted of minerals.

    However, there are entirely different philosophies about food production. Biodynamic farming, for just one example, stresses a farm’s integration into the local environment. Local plants and animals won’t be chased off or killed, because they are viewed as important for a healthy environment and thus for a healthy farm. The conservation of local plants that attract pollinators illustrates this point well.


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