Is there a way to make my worms in my compost pile breed?



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    Well, worms will reproduce if you give them the proper environment. For example, make sure the temperature in your compost doesn’t climb too high. Below 120 is a good place to stay, you can ensure this by breaking the C:N rule of more “browns” than “greens,” and making sure you have lots of food for them to eat! A pound of worms will eat a pound of food a day!

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    Adding crushed egg shells or other sources of calcium can also help to stimulate reproduction. Other factors that affect breeding are the climate conditions. When there is too little moisture, the compost worms (red wrigglers) will stop breeding. Optimum conditions are somewhere between 65º and 85ºF (18º-27ºC) and with a moisture content of the compost bin between 80-90%. 

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