Is there a way to make my plants grow faster?



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    Apart from making sure it has enough sunlight, water, and nutrients (fertilizer may help with the latter), not really.

    One other thing is to make sure it’s got enough space will help. Pull out any weeds in the surrounding soil, as they might be competing with your plants for resources.

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    Plants generally need time and work to grow, so be patient when attempting to grow them. There are no “steroids” for plant growth, but there are several ways to help support plant vitality and growth. As long as the plants are grown in the appropriate conditions (soil, water requirements, sunlight, and nutrients are all accurate and go accordingly to each species), plants can thrive and grow to the best of its potential. Always check and make sure that plants do not have too little or excess of anything and watch for unwanted pests and diseases. Proper pruning can also help plant growth.

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