Is there a way to make my current toilet use less water?



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    You might try placing an object like a brick in the tank to take up more volume. Then every time you flush, less water will be used. Do some troubleshooting to make sure the object doesn’t interfere with anything in the tank, and that the flush gets the job done. There are also grey water systems available that will take the used water from your bath and sink and use it when you flush your toilet instead of fresh water. 

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    You can place something large in the toilet tank to displace the water, meaning you’ll use less water when flushing.

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    You can put a brick or a pop bottle filled with water in the bottom of the tank.

    this reduces that amount of water inevery flush.

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    No only try the suggestions above, but also try using it less. Do not flush as often for number 1s, and flush everytime for number 2s. I have tried this with success, and it has not only bettered the environment, but also saved lots of money on my water bill.

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