Is there a way to make man made clouds?



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    The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar where temperatures can reach 122 degrees Fahrenheit, forcing players to play in conditions that are less than ideal to say the least.  Moving the timing of the Cup is not possible.  This led scientists to figure out ways to help the players stay cool while playing.  Extra water, you ask?  More rest time?  No, those would all be far too easy.  Instead, a team led by Dr. Saul Abdul Ghani, who is the department head of the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at QU thinks they have invented an artificial cloud to cover (and cool) players and spectators during the games.  The cloud will be made from a carbon structure that carries material containing helium gas (to keep it afloat).  The ‘clouds’ will also have solar panels that will help to power engines which will allow the cloud to ‘float’ across the field by way of remote control (now that’s pretty cool).  All this coolness comes at a price though, with initial estimates of up to $500,000 (USD).  Experts say that price will likely fall after more units are produced (who else is going to buy artificial clouds, I’m not really sure) but with the Cup so far off, they’re actually unsure if the system will even be built. 

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