Is there a way to make keeping rainforest around more profitable than raising cattle?



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    There are many volunteer organizations dedicated to cleaning up habitats and rainforest conservation. Volunteering means these workers are either unpaid or paid very little. One way to make rainforest preservation more profitable would be to turn these volunteer positions into paying jobs. If more peoples livelihood depended on preserving and protecting rainforests, the process would be profitable. However, finding funds for such a project is more difficult. The government would probably need to direct more funds into conservation, and to create programs for providing jobs. Unfortunately, when taxes are cut wildlife preservation is often one of the first areas to lose funding. 

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    The coffee industry is huge, and when grown in natural conditions, helps save the rainforest while making the beans taste better.  Shade grown coffee allows the naturally occurring sugars to add great flavor because they mature at a slower rate in the shade.  Coffee hardly ever receives chemical fertilization when it is grown in its natural, shady conditions.  Perhaps best of all, it allows for wildlife to live in the same areas as before.  Birds and monkeys still have the trees they live in, and ground dwelling creatures have cover.  Since raising cattle requires slash and burn techniques for clearing grazing land, devastating not only the flora but the fauna as well, it would be prudent to consider growing coffee where it flourishes in the shade and leaving the cattle to graze in naturally open areas.

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