Is there a way to make industrialization better for the environment?



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    This is a very broad question – but no matter what industry your in, even clean industries, there are always new ways to make them better for the environment.  Whether it’s through recycling, metering water or energy use, acquiring materials from a better, cleaner source or transporting your goods or product line in a more energy efficient way.  Many business owners do try to take a look at their business and see how they can make it better and even though their may be a higher cost to implement some things, overall, you can lower the cost of doing business and be a better member of your community when your business is run in an environmentally responsible manner.

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    Certainly, the best way to make industry a positive for the environment as well as for the economy is to design more intelligently.  In order to do this we must design with the knowledge that there are three categories of materials: biological, technical, and undesirables. Biological materials are things that are biodegradable and should be recycled by the environment as nutrients for future resources. Technical materials are materials that should be recycled through industry and not the environment. Undesirable materials are materials that we have yet developed ways to dispose of without harming the environment and until we do we should not use them and phase them out of production. To design more intelligently we should not mix the technical materials with the biological materials because in doing so we make both types of nutrients unavailable for future use and that is why we end up with waste. We need to design materials with continuous nutrient use in mind by creating products that are made of biological nutrients or technical nutrients that can be easily accessed and separated during recycling.

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